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jueves, 30 de marzo de 2017

Do you want to know things about us?

Hi friends, my nameis Tatique .
We study at Hervás Highschool, we do  this blog because we are computer geeks.
Our hobbies are playing videogames like Minecraft, playing with our friends, designing and progamming robots.We like travelling everywhere and learning about typical food ,  places, monuments and sculptures.

See you soon. 

Resultado de imagen de imagen robot

Hi, my nickname is The Hunter. I am a crazy teenager from the land of mountains and river gorges, I am interested in technology, sports and interesting curiosities( I am a technologies geek ). In this bog I am going to talk about interesting films, minerals, rocks and some other things like the ones that you recommended us to do. 

I hope you support us and give us ideas.

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