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martes, 28 de marzo de 2017


 Was it now that the megalodon exist?. Is still swimminginthe seas?. It seems so.
It has been discovered thanks to some clues .

 It is about 20 metres long due to its colossal size it became to a coast beast reaching a position in the list of the most dangerus animals know by the human being .

Some teeth rows,with about 12 centimetres, are capable of tearing up any human living meat. I forgot tell you it is a nomadic animal, so be careful! You could find it around!.
I invite you to discover more about this fascinating and mortal creature.

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Able to devour a crocodile at a bite, it weighed about a ton and its length is comparable to that of a large school bus.

In Washingtonh Smithsonian Natural History Museum has recreated the largest snake in the world, titanoboa, with an impressive replica to life size, lived more than 58 million years ago in today's rainforests.
The feeding counted on crocodiles and anacondas, and would have fed of humans if they had shared era.
The animal had the appearance of a boa constrictor but with a triple force.
It is green and brown.
I hope you have liked to find out something new about this fantastics animals.

iIf you want to know more click here
See you soon!

6 comentarios:

  1. Me ha parecido muy interesante. Me imagino lo que sería encontrarse con un animal de estas características. También tendría pánico a la marabunta, que por lo pequeño no dejan de ser terroríficas.

  2. Hello I am your partner.I find the titanoboa very interesting

  3. Hello I am your partner, I find the "titanoboa" animal very interesting As it is surprising.
    I would like to meet one of them

  4. me ha gustado mucho porque lo habeís traducido al inglés con expresiones que no hemos dado en clase
    segid asi

  5. Hi! I love all animals but these are really amazing! I wish I could see them in real life because their characteristics seem very interesting to me. Thanks very much for the information.