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sábado, 25 de marzo de 2017

Popular films

In this pulled apart I am going to talk  about and comment on the  films that I recommend for all publics:

-          The fantastic new star wars film: ROGUE ONE
Resultado de imagen de rogue one
 The film is about a girl called Jyn Erso. She is one of the death star creator´s daughter. The creator introduces a little failure  in the star´s system for the rebel army to be able to destroy it. The daughter, main character in the film, gets involved with a group of brave rebels to rescue her own father that finally dies in a bombardment. The mission fails. But before dying Galem Erso, Jyn´s father, sends a message to an old friend, Saw Guerrera, with a clear intention, showing it to his daughter. Obviously the message contains where the death star´s failure  is. But that is not enough, the rebels  also need  the death star´s map.
Jyn, in the next martial court with the rebels proposes a direct attack to de empire´s information warehouse, but she is only supported by a few of the rebels. With them she gets the planes of the death star; all of them will be killed  by the empire troops but they will be able to send the planes to Leya princess. Later the Death Start will be destroyed by best of the rebel pilots, Luke Skywalker.
 This movie is the fourth of  de saga.
  This film has been a success with more than four hundred million visits in Los Angeles (the film has been valued with a 7,1 out of 10).

-          The coolest magic movie at cinema: FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM
Resultado de imagen de fantastic beasts and where to find themThis film is about an English wizard called Newt Scamander who travels to America with his old but amazing suitcase. The suitcase has a different type of habitat for all the different types of fantastic beasts. He goes to E.E.U.U  to give one of his amazing beasts to his family, this type of beast lives in the Arizona desert. But when he is in America, he gets involved in some problems like when some animals scape out of his suitcase and he has to find them or when  he has to know who is possessed by an Obscurus, a beast what can destroy everything he finds or when he has to  trap an evil wizard. He lives all these adventures with three friends, a no-maj and two witches.
This film has made 194896 $.at the cinema in two weeks.
Its budget is one hundred eighty million dollars.
The best- known actors in this film are Eddy Redmaine, who stars Newt Scamander and his friends interpreted by Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol and Katherine Waterson.
This film has been valued with 7,7 out of ten. Not all the critics have been good, some people say that in this film the plot is not very original. (HERE).

-          Coming from one of the most known video games: ASSASIN´S CREED.
In this film the plot is about a man called Callum Lynch who discovers kind of  technology able to find genetic memories. He will find out that his ancestor Aguilar was a member of the Assassins brotherhood and he must fight against a Templars organisation in the present.
Resultado de imagen de assassins creed peliculaIn this film there are famous actors like Michael Fassbender (Callum Lynch), Marian Cotilllard (Sophia Rikkin), Javier Gutierrez (Tomás de Torquemada), Brendan Gleeson (Joseph) and Jeremy Irons (Alan Rikkin). This film has raised  one million six hundred thousand dollars  at the cinema during the first two weeks with a cost of one hundred fifty million dollars.

This film has  had bad critics I think that some people have got  tired of it because the  film has many special effects.

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