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domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

New films

People foresee that in 2017  there will be many interesting movies at the cinema such as:

-The baby boss-04/17
-Poweer Rangers-04/17
-The Caribean Pirates-01/05/17
-Galaxy Guardians 2- 05/05/17
-Star Wars, episode VIII-26/05/17
-Kingsman: The golden circle-06/17
-World War Z-09/06/17
-Annabelle 2-30/06/17
-Gru 3-30/06/17
-Valerian and the thousand planets´ city-07/17
-Spider-man. Homecoming-07/07/17
-Transformers- 28/07/17
-Blade Runner 2048-06/10/17
-Geostorm3D -20/10/17
-Thor Ragnarok- 11/17
- The justice league part one – 17/11/2017
- Jumanji- 22/12/17
- American Assasin
- Gi Joe 3
- Dirty Grandpa
- Los Mercenarios 4
- Misión Imposible 6

4 comentarios:

  1. Gracias por la información. Seguro que nos será de ayuda a los amantes del cine. Hay muchos estrenos muy interesantes.

  2. Thank you very much for this series of movies, I know that plan will have this Weekend !!!!!

  3. These movie titles are well known and seen all over the world ,thanks for putting them in your blog.