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martes, 25 de abril de 2017

The snooker

Now, I am going to show you a Little text about a well- known sport  in the north hemisphere of Europe and other countries like China, ….This isn´t a very popular sport in Spain but I think that it is very  interesting.

Snooker is a British modality of Spanish billar with different rules in which two players face and  have to try to get the greatest number of  points by throwing a red ball and later a  ball of different colour successively.
To play this game you have to play with a snooker stick and  a white ball like main elements. The value of the other balls and the number of  balls in total is:

-15 red balls =1 point each one
-1 yellow ball =2 points
-1 green ball =3 points
-1 brown ball =4 points
-1 blue ball =5 points
-1 pink ball =6 points
-1 black ball =7 points

To get points you have to hit the white ball with the snooker stick, the white ball has to kick another ball to put it in a pocket. There are 6 pockets in the game table, four in the corners of the table and two more in the largest sides.

I advice you to see some of the matches because it is a very interesting sport.

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  1. Me gustaría jugar alguna vez, pero creo que me será difícil encontrar una mesa de billa con bolas de esos colores.