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martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

Curiosities about minerals

In tris blog entry I am going yo show you some interesting curiosities about minerals.

The biggest diamond is the Cullinan that has 3106 carats, it was discovered in 1905 in the mine Premier of South Africa, with it they carved 9 big pieces for jewellery and 96 of smaller size.
The corundum is the second hardest mineral after the diamond, but the diamond is 150 times harder than the corundum.

Gold is an easy to work mineral and with 30g you can make a wire with the thickness of a human hair.

The Egyptians put emeralds in the neck of the mummies to be stronger in the other world.

In XVII century, people thought that if you crash garnet you can cure  heart diseases.

North American tribes used to put turquoises in their tombs. The Pueblo Bonito deposit, in New Mexico (EE.UU) contains 24900 samples of this mineral.

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