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martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Something about dinosaurs

Now, I am going to show you some information about some dinosaurs because I think it is a very interesting topic. First, I am going to talk about the velociraptor and later I am going to update this entry providing you with more information about dinosaurs.

The velociraptor is a type of dinosaur who lived at the end  of The Cretaceous period, 75 to71 milloins of years ago, in Asia(central). This was a bipedal carnivore animal dinosaur with a long and hard tail, three claws in each paw(they used them to kill their preys) and a small and long head.
This small dinosaur could eat bigger dinosaurs than him because they were intelligent, speedy,  and strong. They ate hervivorous dinosaurs.

-Name: Velociraptor
-Length: 1.8 Mtrs
-Height: 2 Mtrs.
-Weight: 60 Kg.
-Carnivorous diet
-Cretaceous Period Superior to 80 million years
-Found in: Mongolia
Resultado de imagen de velociraptor

-The Concavenator is a type of of theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 130 million years ago during the early Cretaceous period. The Concavenator was a bipedal dinosaur who could size, they had got a very interesting body with two triangle structures, and with a crest, but its function is unknown, this dinosaur is so interesting because it has got some bird characteristics.

The Concavenator was found in the the paleontological deposit of Las Hoyas, in the province of Cuenca (Spain) in 2003.

Resultado de imagen de concavenator


The iguanodonte is a type of dinosaur who lived at the beginning of the Cretacic period, approximately from 130 to 120 years ago in Europe. This strange dinosaur had got very big claws on his thumbs that were used to defend himself  from other bigger dinosaurs.

The bones of this strange dinosaur were found in 1822 and described three years later by Gideon Mantell. The Iguanodonte has got this name because it comes from ¨iguana¨ and the Grecian word ¨odontos(diente)¨.
This dinosaur could walk on two or on four legs and they could have a length of twelve or thirteen metres and a weight of three tonels. The Iguanodonte had got  a very big peak with many teeth, too.

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